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Life Insurance

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Most people may feel like their home is their biggest asset.  We believe that when it comes to your family and your future that YOU are your biggest asset.  Without you and the income you proivde almost nothing else would be possible.  


So, what would happen if you didn't come home tomorrow?  Where would the money for the next mortgage or rent check come from?  Who would continue to fund those college savings accounts?

There's no legal requirement to purchase life insurance which is why most people shrug it off.  At Avidity we feel that its the most important thing we can offer.  We don't want to tell your spouse or children that there is no money coming to help cover those unexpected expenses or years of lost income.  We want to help you and us be in a position that if that time comes we can say that, yes, we do have a life insurance policy for the recently deceased.  We want to be able to deliver that check, whether it's $25,000 or $2,000,000, to your loved ones so that they don't have to worry about money, now or in the future, while they grieve.

Many people think they cannot afford life insurance when in reality the cost of life insurance has dropped dramatically over the last couple decades.  Much as we do with property and liability insurance, we also have the capability to search for the best rates among multiple carriers.  For us the question to answer isn't how much can you afford but rather how much could your family afford to lose if you died.

Not only do we offer life insurance products from multiple carriers but we also offer it for many different types of situations.  Whether its part of your estate planning, business perpetuation or investment strategy our dedicated life insurance consultants can help find the right product for your situation.

Types of Life Insurance Coverage

Term Life

With a traditional term life insurance policy you'll pay a fixed premium amount for a set period of time.  In return these policies provide a guaranteed benefit provided the payments are current and the policyholder dies prior to the term expiration date.  Term policies can be issued with terms of 10 to 30 years.​  These policies provide the most coverage at the least amount of cost.

Whole Life

With a whole life policy you'll have a guaranteed death benefit as well as a guaranteed cash value that are established at the time the policy is issued.  These policies are kept in force until you die as long as the premiums are paid.  The premium amount is fixed over the life of the policy so you never have to worry about the cost going up.

Universal Life

With a universal life policy you'll have a guaranteed minimum death benefit as well as cash value.  These policies are kept in force until you die as long as the premiums are paid and the policy stays fully funded.  Unlike whole life, universal policies offer more short term flexibility when it comes to premiums.

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