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Auto Insurance


Auto insurance can be overwhelming.  Everyone knows that you have to have some sort of minimum coverage just to drive but not everyone knows how the specific coverage works and what they do and, more importantly, do not pay for.  


Our passion is educating people about buying the right coverage for each household's situation.  What works for the you may not be right for your neighbor. 

Helping you not just understand what your are buying but why you need it is of paramount concern to us.  Too many people find out the hard way that what they thought they had coverage for wasn't enough or may never have even been offered.

What do those numbers and terms mean?

Amazingly, most people have no idea what the limits and terms mean on their auto policies. That's been a major failure of insurance agents and companies for years.  There's much more to it than just what gets paid if your car is damaged.

Bodily Injury and Property Damage

This is the coverage that is required to drive and can often be referred to as liability insurance. Commonly shown as three numbers: 25/50/10 or 100/300/100.  The first number is how much the insurance company will pay to one person injured in at at-fault accident.  The second number is the total they'll pay from one claim for injuries and the third number is how much they'll pay for property damage.  Anything in excess of these numbers is your responsibility.

Medical Payments

In some states this may be called PIP or Personal Injury Protection.  This is required in some states, like Kansas, and it pays for medical bills resulting from injuries to drivers or passengers during an accident.

Collision Coverage

This pays for any damage to your vehicle if you collide with another car, a wall, a house or anything similar.

Comprehensive Coverage

This pays for any damage to your car that was not the direct result of a collision.  It can include things like hail or wind damage, theft, fire or hitting an animal.

Convenience Coverage

 This encompasses a pretty broad range of things that aren't required but may be nice to have.  Things like accident forgiveness, roadside assistance, rental reimbursement or new car replacement would fall into this category.

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